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It is known that the company “MARTEX” Ltd., from Cetinje, is one of the largest private producer of meat products in Montenegro. Company “MARTEX” Ltd. was founded on 12th July, 1992, as small private trading company, whose founder and director was Mr. Marko Martinović. In 1994 company forms wholesale, and in 1996 starts a production and processing of dry-cured pork products in their own object “Sušara” in Bajice, located near Cetinje. The company has grown into a well-known producer of high-quality dry-cured meat products including: prosciutto, smoked ham, cured pork neck, pancetta (bacon), sausages, smoked ribs, ham, shanks and other products. The company was registered for trade, production, tourism and transport services and has 5 (five) retail stores, 4 (four) of which are located in Cetinje and 1 (one) in Budva. Since its establishment company operates successfully and achieves outstanding business results, so it is classified as one of the most successful companies in Montenegro in its respective industry.
“MARTEX” Ltd. pays great attention to the improvement and modernization of production processes, new production technologies, as well as widening of the assortment of dry-cured meat products, in order to fully meet the needs of modern consumers. At the end of 2005, company introduced HACCP quality control system, implementation of which enabled the company to come out with its wide range of products in the markets of EU and US.